My Day In 9 Panels

My Day In 9 Panels

What's up cool kids?

No post in about a month, but it's only because I'm busy shakin' down fruit trees to pay back Tom Nook... If you actually get that, I will award you a free portrait. (contest void if you are my brother!) Send the answer here, along with what you might want. (As long as it's an alligator punk or a robot, NATCH!)

The zine I've been blabbering about is actually kind of coming to fruition, so when it comes out, don't be mad if I hassle you to buy one, ya feel me knockin'?... Well then let me in!

P.S. In panel two, I am not masturbating...

Later Skaters,

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Blog of Doom! said...

I still got the gold statue bitch...


Fat With Glasses said...

sheeeiitttt.... I almost paid him off in 4 days this time!

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