Fat With Glasses #2


I had a pretty radtastic birthday this year, even though I hate to even try to celebrate it. And yes, I know that drawing of Ian Mackaye is terrible, but whatever. New comics soon, I'm still learning to draw, so bear with me.

here is my awesome birthday cake

and photographic evidence of my meeting with the man himself....


let me know jealous you are here

later skaters...



So this is it....  almost one whole hour of work condensed into something that will be read, digested, thought about, and ultimately discarded brainwise in less than 30 seconds... I plan to get quite a few more going soon, but I made this in honor of my birthday, which is this Saturday.  The scanner that I had planned on using fucking hates me, so this was done the old fashioned way, with a digital camera and Photoshop (just like the Pilgrims did their comics).  Feel free to let me know how bad it was/is. Thanks!

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