New Records!

New Records

Told you it would be like 3 weeks... I should have more soon, but I wouldn't put money on it...

Later Skaters



I am fucking PRODUCTIVE lately... 3 comics in 2 days? Fuck.

Enjoy it everyone, I probably won't post anything for like, 3 weeks now.


...and, as a bonus to anyone who may care; a quick, extremely shitty comic made in dim light at the Downtown Bar in Pueblo shortly before the New Year was rung in...


jesus, look at those hands in the second panel...

send me money so I can take a fucking drawing class...

later skaters,

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Fat With Glasses #5!

Ah, Pueblo Colorado... I love thee and hate thee at the same time... I imagine this is why most people here are either pregnant, headed to jail or you know, both... a town of this size should have at least a couple fucking things for the younger crowd... oh well...

In other news (kind of) the mini comic is in the works, and we (and by WE I mean my brother Andy, myself and my good friend Paul) are working kind of hard on gettin' it out there...

I'm on Facebook now... If you care, take a look at it here

Later Skaters...

FWG 5!

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